about us

Brief of VictoryOne

VictoryOne is a refreshing change in the finest luxurious housing that meets aspirations of a new generation. If you like fine living, make Central & Amara your home. If you do not wish to bother with all the nitty gritty of interior decoration and accessorizing your home, then VictoryOne Central & Amara meets your expectations in offering you an apartment ready to move in. The VictoryOne Group now offers you exquisitely charming and elegant living spaces in Greater NOIDA (W). While the effect is one of luxurious richness, cost of our fully furnished flats in Greater NOIDA (W) is kept low to make it affordable for everyone..


Build a Culture of operational excellence with fair business practices and play a key role in providing quality housing for the masses at affordable values.
To be one of the largest real estate organization in National capital region with focus on Innovation Customer Satisfaction and Operational excellence.
  • Demanding excellence:In order to demand excellence we must ourselves be committed to excellence and demand no less from our people, vendors and associates.
  • Ownership: Ownership has rights and pride associated with it and we ensure deliverable through strong Performance Management System (PMS).
  • Integrity:Integrity is like the steel rods in a concrete structure, we make integrity an integral part of our personal and corporate code of conduct.
  • Trust: Trust is like glass & once broken, it can never be repaired. We go to extraordinary lengths to handle it with care and see that there is no cause for regret.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is the way to multiply results, gain ideas and share inspiration, qualities we believe in and adopt as a part of work styles.