Victoryone believes in organizing events on a regular basis and we also take part in popular events in order to inform and educate people as well as to connect and establish relationships. We take part in conferences and in exhibitions. We promote social and other events with our sponsorships as a way to create goodwill and also help people. We hold events within complexes to bring together people in celebrations. We aim to keep the calendar full of events and make you a part of our celebration of life.

Sponsored Tournament for British Telecom

VictoryOne sponsored CPL (Men & Women both) for British Telecom (BT) in 2016; which was an intra department Cricket Tournament. We have also distributed Trophies like, Player of the Match, Player of the series, Best Batsperson, Best Bowler and Best Wicket Keeper (Each) T. Shirts for all players with BT & VictoryOne Logo.