Victoryone adopts a holistic approach to CSR with an all encompassing perspective formulated for the greater good of society and benefit for future generations. As such our plans take in people and their upliftment, conservation of environment, greening of the land and creating awareness in people. CSR for us is not an obligatory duty and window dressing. We are seriously committed to bringing out changes in mindsets and in people that will ultimately lead to the world becoming a better place to live in. We think of life as sacred and try our best to serve the environment in a way that will let all life forms flourish. We believe people are important to community and their upliftment is empowerment of a nation and act accordingly. Instead of simple donations, we take the harder path to empowering people to stand on their feet and be proud citizens.

  • VictoryOne running schools for labour’s Children free of cost and Provides Snacks to children
  • VictoryOne also Supporting “Tapovan Education Foundation” in Indrapuram By sponsoring its Students